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Bring your own maid outside UAE

Assistance service to bring your own Maid outside UAE

A one stop service on bringing in your own maid.

Visit us and we do the rest. We provide assistance to help bring your own maid or domestic helper under our sponsorship to exclusively work for you. You can cancel or replace anytime if you are not happy with your current selection.

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Maids visa renewal agency in Dubai - Tadbeer in Dubai

Benefits of hiring your own maid under our sponsorship

Alpha Hub Tadbeer SponsorshipPrivate Sponsorship
Lower Cost5000+ AED more
No visits to other government buildings8 Government building visits
2 Years visa1 Year visa
Medical Insured
WPS Payroll
End of service Covered
Client Support

Although, if you still prefer to hire your maid under your own sponsorship, we can still assist you with consultation and travel assistance service to make it easier for you.

Required Documents

to bring your own maid from outside the country

Resident Documents Requirements
  • A copy of the sponsor’s passport and visa
  • Original emirates ID for the resident
  • A copy of the maid’s passport and photo
  • Medical test of maid accredited by UAE Embassy
  • Marriage Certificate with Colour Copy of Spouse’s Passport and Visa
  • Ejari Tenancy Contract/Title Deed or Dewa Electricity Bills
  • Copy of Salary Certificate or Work/Labour Contract
Local Documents requirements
  • Sponsor’s passport and unified number
  • Original Emirates ID of the local sponsor
  • A copy of the maid’s passport
  • Colour photo of maid
  • Medical test of maid accredited by UAE Embassy

Travel assistance service

To bring your maid from outside the UAE, these are the procedures travel assistance service included from Alpha Hub.

*FOR FILIPINO DOMESTIC HELPERS -We have a partnered recruitment agency in the Philippines that we can help send your maid to assist her with any requirements.