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One of the best home maids service provider in Dubai, Alpha Hub has All your maid requirement solutions and experts in hiring maids service, renew maids visa, PRO services and help you bring your own maids to the UAE.

Best maids in Dubai

Hire Maids

Directly hire full time house maids from largest maid agency in Dubai

Maids Visa renewal service

Renew Maids Visa

We handle entire maid visa renewal process. Renew tadbeer maids visa in Dubai

Bring your maids to Dubai, UAE

Bring your maids to UAE

Let us assist you to sponsor or bring your own maids to UAE

PRO work for maids in Dubai

VIP Maid Services

VIP Maid service in Dubai for all government legalities, typing and paperwork

One of the UAE's best maids Agency!

Alpha Hub assist you to hire or employ Maids directly from Philippines or Ethiopia under family sponsorship. We specialize in the recruitment and deployment of domestic and international maids, and have become one of your trusted home maids service provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the whole UAE.

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Maids visa renewal agency in Dubai - Tadbeer in Dubai

Alpha Hub Domestic Worker Service Center in Dubai - Tadbeer center in Dubai

We have over 17 years of experience in the maid service industry and we are also encourage to utilize the latest online technology with accordance to recruiting ethically and supplying fully trained House maids. Avoid going to medical centers and typing service center. Learn how to process, renew or cancel visa documents for your maid. Online assistance and one-stop shop for your maids visa approval. Renew maid visa in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE – Alpha Hub

Services include New Maid Visa, Maid Visa Renewal, Maid Visa Cancellation. Apply a new domestic worker visa as well as maid visa renewal or maids visa cancellation. Dubai’s one-stop center for maid visa services. We will maintain and uphold Howdra’s training procedures and training centers plus following Howdra’s golden rule of foundation which is Ethical Recruitment and Ethical Employment.